Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions

Welcome to HIPPO CORPORATION! Please ensure that you have read and understood these Membership terms and conditions (Membership Terms). These Terms and Conditions govern your use of the HIPPO CORPORATION service (Site) as a member.

Once your registration process is complete, you, by virtue of your membership ID generation, agree to the Membership Terms as a legally binding contract between you and HIPPO CORPORATION.

HIPPO CORPORATION levies zero membership fee on its member.
If at any point or place a membership fee is asked by a third party to provide membership to HIPPO CORPORATION, the member is directed to bring the third party(website or Ad) to the attention of HIPPO Corporation immediately.

· To become a member of HIPO CORPORATION, you should be age 18 years and above.
· The membership is transferable under certain cases (refer article 3)
· Refusal, suspension, and termination rights of membership are under the sole discretion of HIPPO CORPORATION (refer to article 4 for Refusal, suspension, and termination terms and conditions).
· Sharing of membership ID and password is strictly against the terms of membership.

The transfer of membership to another name can be possible under the following conditions:

· If the new member is a blood relative up to three generations of the current member.
· If the new member is the spouse of the current member
· The transfer of membership is the discretion of HIPPO CORPORATION and can be refused according to the changes in the membership policy of HIPPO CORPORATION.
· Members are advised to visit the HIPPO CORPORATION website to keep themselves updated on any such changes.

The HIPPO CORPORATION has the total discretion to deny, suspend, and terminate membership on a case by case basis if the members are found to have violated membership terms and condition or other any other policy of HIPPO CORPORATION.
Action against membership can also be taken in the following cases:

· Action can be taken if the member is found to be of unsound mind.
· If the members' actions are in any way harming the image of HIPPO CORPORATION or bring malice to its name.
· If the actions of the member are against the ethics and values of the HIPPO CORPORATION and do not conform to its mission and vision.